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Community News: Introducing the Newest Additions to the Bruins Nation Front Page

As Bruins Nation moves past its eighth birthday, all of us here on the front page crew are pleased to announce that our community has two new additions to our group of front page contributors.

Who isn't excited to have uclaluv and IE Angel on the front page team?!
Who isn't excited to have uclaluv and IE Angel on the front page team?!
Ronald Martinez

Obviously, this is fantastic news for the Bruins Nation community. After a long recruiting battle, perhaps an impermissible NCAA benefit or two, and some problems with our LOI fax machine, all of us at Bruins Nation are very pleased to announce that we've landed two blue-chip, outstanding additions to our front page team. So, please give a warm welcome to uclaluv and IE Angel as they join us on the front page.

As many of you know, both are extremely active BN members, both having been with Bruins Nation since 2010. Actually, calling them extremely active might be a wee bit of an understatement, with this pair putting up 95 posts and an eye-popping 13,174 comments combined. So, I think you can all feel safe knowing these two old hands are already well-known to many of you.

And those of you in Southern California should rejoice. After a run of bringing in recruit after recruit from the northern half of the Golden State (bruinclassof10, freesia39, AHMB), you'll finally have some fellow southern voices on the front page, as both uclaluv and IE Angel hail from the Southland. Hopefully, they'll inspire some of you Southern Californians to become more active on BN in the coming months and years, as these two have done for the past 3+ years, especially given the stranglehold Northern California has had on the front page of late.

In terms of logistics, you'll soon see our newest additions listed on the Bruins Nation masthead, along with the other front pagers (including some of the old timers who have been on an extended sabbatical), and pretty soon you'll start seeing some excellent front page contributions from our two newest additions; in fact, IE Angel will begin a very cool series of posts on the past football season during the summer, beginning this Sunday, so stay tuned for that.

Let's all give these excellent long-time community members and excellent contributors a nice warm welcome to their new roles as Bruins Nation front page contributors/editors: we're excited to have them on the team!