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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Linebacker U, Baseball, and Recruiting Visits

It may be the summer but the tweets keep on rolling in.


This Linebacker U "controversy" has become a bit ridiculous, but the players have bought into it.

Coach Mora says:

Eric Kendricks:

And Anthony Barr, retweeting the same pic:

The players and coaches know what we're promoting here, and if PSU is going to be uptight about it, see you in the post season.

What? Ban? Oh I'm so sorry, I guess we won't see you there for a few years.

Moving on, the Baseball team is having a grand time in the postseason in Omaha:

Go Bruin parents, enjoy yourselves.

This was retweeted by one of the players, of someone who took offense to the baseball team's coordinated move to the railing in the dugout:

#getoverit. Our baseball team beat yours.

Your adorable picture of the week:

Rick Neuheisel is keeping himself occupied in the offseason:

He shot a final score of 76 and was 6 shots off the qualifying score. Next year!

Hey there recruit Demetrious Knox, how was your recruiting visit?

Even the bear got some love:

The Hundley family, becoming a part of the full time Brett Hundley hype machine as CBS Sports came by to visit:

Adorable vine of the week: David Allen with the kids at UCLA Football Camp:

Finally, we end with a check in on Jeff Locke at Vikings Mini Camp. Apparently, he really likes holding things.

Go Bruins.