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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - One More for Baseball, Football Moves In

Quick reactions after yesterday's UCLA Baseball win over MSU, and the freshmen football players move into the dorms.

Nice catch last night.
Nice catch last night.

One. More. Win.

But that's correct. We haven't done anything yet until we win a championship.

Massive support came pouring in last night:

Congrats to Eric Filia:

In case you missed the final out, or were stuck with the ESPN "UCLA who?" announcers, here it is on UCLA radio:

Operation Natty spreads to all sports:

(yes, someone did correct Kylie that football doesn't count towards that total, but it's the thought that counts.)

On the broadcast last night it sounded like the entire town of Starkville showed up in Omaha. Here's what our fantastic athletic department considers a great UCLA crowd.

Great in spirit, small in size, no help from The Morgan Center.

A few reporters may have pointed it out one too many times to Brenton Allen:

On a quick note, the freshmen football players have arrived on campus, moved into their dorms and started classes yesterday.

Yes, Eddie Vanderdoes is tweeting again. Which unfortunately means the morons are out to play too.

Classy right there. Tweeting at a kid who, by the way, has to still pay the penalty of sitting out a year, the same as any other transfer, because ND wouldn't be classy and release him... but we've spent PLENTY of TIME on that issue here.

Let's Go Bruins.

One more.