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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - More Baseball Congratulations

A quick snippet of the congratulations the UCLA Baseball team received on Tuesday night.


Attending UCLA is like getting married - you are meeting new people, you're all thrown together into a similar situation, and ultimately you grow to love each other and make the best of everything.

Well except for those family members that would rather hide in a corner and wind up attending Southern Cal for graduate school, but we still remember their first love was UCLA.

Don't betray us now.

No matter how far you go, UCLA will always be there, bind us together, and remind you of how much you loved being a Bruin, and how much you want to share the love with everyone you meet.

The congratulations that poured in after winning 109 showed in the UCLA community.

And so, so, so many more. We couldn't fit them all in one post, or it would go on for an eternity. Coaches from every sport, athletes from every sport, alums, celebs, even former UCLA coaches (like Kerry Keating) tweeted congrats to the UCLA Baseball team.

Eric Karros's text was read on the air -

The team got a quick shoutout at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night, as they flashed the results on the scoreboard, and Vin Scully brought it up on the TV side.

Coach Wooden's influence will be forever felt at UCLA. He would have loved to see a baseball title come through during his time, but he was able to celebrate with those he loved.

Go Bruins.