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More Thoughts on Guerrero Skipping UCLA Baseball Celebration for Italy

Dan is in Italy... " I hope you never come back" - UCLA '94 How long will UCLA tolerate this behavior?

Guerrero Misses Celebration to Fly to Italy (via bruinsnation1)

Nestor posted earlier this am about Athletic Director Dan Guerrero skipping UCLA's baseball celebration so that he could catch his plane to Italy. As someone who was there yesterday, I wanted to follow up. I do not know about the rest of you that were there, but when Coach Savage informed us that Dan was on a plane to Italy, I didn't know whether to laugh (of course he is) or cry (how long will this behavior be tolerated). This should be the last straw. But Athletic Director Dan Guerrero seems to have an unlimited amount of straws. Today 1000 or so of us showed up to cheer for our beloved baseball team. But according to Coach Savage, Director Dan was on a flight to Italy so he couldn't make it. Despite my mother's disapproval of swearing, I would sure like use explicit language towards Director Dan right now.

How much will it take until the fan base of UCLA realizes this man cares nothing for our beloved athletics? How long will it take before Chancellor Block wakes up and sees the truth? Oh yes, that might be difficult, he was somewhere in Russia or Asia.

These young men and their coaches outsmarted, outplayed, and outclassed all of the competition. They were led by a brilliant, hard-working coach, with an incredible amount of class. But where was Dan?

Last year when Director Dan discussed some of his favorite things, Italy, fedoras, consuming wildly, he says that what keeps all A.D.s up at night is managing expectations. Well, as Taz noted, I guess he didn't expect our team to win it all, so why not book a trip to Italy. Too bad the team came expecting success. Sorry Dan, I thought you had succeeded at managing expectations. I guess the team didn't get the message, that what is expected is mediocrity.

This is a UCLA team, that accomplished something no other UCLA baseball team ever had. So much congratulations to them. And shame on you, Dan, for not being there to celebrate their amazing excellence. So sorry you couldn't use the $25,000 bonus you earned by their winning to change your flight.

So Mexi, we are going to add some things you put in your list of things you would do if you were the Athletic Director.

1. Show up when UCLA Baseball celebrates its first ever National Championship.

2. Show up when UCLA athletics celebrates its 109th National Championship.

3. Use your $25,000 bonus that was earned on the backs of our student-athletes to improve JRS for these incredible young men.

And for those of you that thought Dan was somehow responsible for the excellence of UCLA's baseball program, think again.

How long must we and our student-athletes have to put up this behavior?