Epic Dan Guerrero FAIL: UCLA Experiencing a New Low With its Worst Championship Drought Since 1976-78

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Bumped. Sobering (but not so shocking to those who have been tracking the situation closely) numbers on UCLA athletics and especially jarring given how the worst managed athletic department in America has been busy patting themselves in the back for getting embarrassed and bounced in disgraceful fashion in bowl game and first round of NCAA tournaments. - BN Eds.

Unless the baseball team can get past Fullerton, and then run the table in Omaha, we are likely to have a second consecutive academic year without a national championship.

Our last national championship was women's golf, on May 21, 2011.

We are now into month 25 of our watch for the next national championship.

This may sound like a blink of an eye, to casual observers.

But look at our history. The last time we went as long as 25 months between championships was the period from May, 1976 (men's tennis and men's volleyball)- June, 1978 (men's outdoor track). And the last time we went as long as 25 months between championships before then was 1961 (men's tennis) to 1964 (men's basketball).

And to put further perspective on this, the dry spell which ended in 1964 was when we reached championship number 8. So we clearly were not the national power that we became after the mid-60's.

Doughnut is sending us right back to our formative athletic period. We have never had 5 years between men's championships since the first championship in 1950. We have not had a 25 month dry spell for any championship since 1978.

And Block said the reason Doughnut got the extension was "athletic victories" ? WTF *&^**&%*&%

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