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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Stanley Chou

The US Women's National Team played a friendly with Canada over the weekend, but it was anything but friendly for former Bruin Sydney Leroux.

Leroux, who was born in Canada, decided to represent the United States and Canadians are STILL a bit upset. Fellow Bruin and USWNT teammate Lauren Cheney has her back.

The USWNT won, 3-0.

She was in good spirits before the game, taking on the newest exercise craze with her USWNT teammate (and former Cal Bear but her goals in big matches can forgive that transgression) Alex Morgan:

The UCLA baseball team is ready to move on to Super Regionals.

We will have a preview up later this week.

The UCLA Football team was out in the community on Saturday:

Chris Kluwe and Brandon Ayandabejo were both invited to a reception at the White House for LGBT Pride, and unfortunately Kluwe had to decline - he just posted his no RSVP online for everyone to see:

Ayandabejo will not be attending either - he had already committed to speaking at the UCLA Athletics graduation the same night.

He will see the President on Friday with the Ravens.

XSF has discovered vine, and he introduces us to a few Bruins, and an incoming Bruin:

When Caleb returned home, he was greeted with a harsh reality:

Welcome to the jet set life.

Go Bruins.