Track and Field- Day 3 complete- 1 day to go- Still stuck on 108

UCLA is currently tied for 6th place on the men's side with host Oregon, after 13 events. $C is tied for 1st (insert teeth gnashing here).

UCLA has 18 points-

Julian Wruck (redshirt junior)- discus- 1st place (10 points). Competed for Australia in the 2012 olympics. Won the discus in 2011, competing for Texas Tech. Clearly a major stud.

Marcus Nilsson (junior)- decathlon- 3rd place (6 points). Finished 5th in 2012.

Alex Faldermeyer (junior)- hammer- 7th place (2 points). Finished 3rd in 2012, and 5th in 2011.

Unfortunately, UCLA has no competitors on the final day, so the current 6th place tie will be the high water mark. There are 6 teams less than 5 points behind the Bruins. The men's track team has never finished better than 9th in the NCAA's since Doughnut arrived in Morgan Center. Could beat that mark this year, but clearly other than the throw events and decathlon, UCLA has a ways to go. Attention, Doughnut- WAKE UP !!

UCLA is currently in 14th place on the women's side, after 13 events.

UCLA has 13 points-

Turquoise Thompson (senior)- 400m hurdles- 3rd place (6 points). Finished 2nd in 2012 and 2011.

Ida Storm (junior)- hammer- 5th place (4 points). Finished 5th also in 2012.

Kylie Price (sophomore)- long jump- 6th place (3 points). Finished 7th in 2012.

Just as with the men's team, the women's team has no competitors on Saturday. So 14th place will be as good as it gets, and there are another 7 teams within 3 points of the Bruins. Finishing out of the top 20 will be a distinct possibility. UCLA has not finished better than a tie for 16th on the women's side since 2007. Time for a change. Doughnut- WAKE UP !!

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