MLB 2013 Draft- Current Players and 2017 Class Members Drafted

The 2013 MLB draft is now complete.

There were 7 current Bruins drafted-

Nick Vander Tuig (6th round, Giants)

Zach Weiss (6th round, Reds)

Pat Valaika (9th round, Rockies)

Adam Plutko (11th round, Indians)

Brenton Allen (20th round, Nationals)

Kevin Williams (29th round, Marlins)

Ryan Deeter (32nd round, Brewers)

Out of the 10 recruits in the most recent fall signing group, 8 were drafted-

Gosuke Katoh (2nd round, Yankees, 2B)

Dustin Driver (6th round, A's, right handed pitcher)

Dom Nunez (7th round, Rockies, 3B/C)

Steve Farinaro (11th round, Cardinals, right handed pitcher)

Jonah Wesely (11th round, Angels, left handed pitcher)

Scott Burke (31st round, Astros, right handed pitcher)

Luke Persico (37th round, Rockies, OF)

Dominic Miroglio (40th round, A's, C)

Congrats to all of the draftees. Now current players please stay and improve your standing with a solid 2014 season. And high schoolers- come to UCLA and improve your standing with 3 years of John Savage baseball.

Any thoughts as to who is likely to come or go? Without knowing anything of the particulars, I would guess that Vander Tuig and Weiss would leave, and that Katoh would turn pro without going to college. But that is purely a guess on my part.

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