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Bruin Bites: Kickoff Time Set for Nebraska & Other UCLA Notes

News and notes from UCLA Athletics program.

Can the Bruins get going early against the Huskers in '13?
Can the Bruins get going early against the Huskers in '13?
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing summer weekend. I know this weekend has been all about our baseball program. So here are some non-baseball Bruin related nuggets to get through the day.

  • ICYMI, the start time for UCLA's massive non-conference game against Nebraska is all set. And it's kind of eye opener. Bruins will kick off against the Huskers at 11 am local time in Lincoln, which is 9 am PST. Well it's a good thing the Bruins will have a bye leading to this game. So that should give Jim Mora some time to get the boys ready for an early kickoff time. As noted in our comment thread, good thing Mora has had the team practicing at 7 AM this past season (and during spring football).
  • So who will be the Pac-12's leading sackmaster in 2013? Well there is an obvious candidate from our program. But I wonder besides the Barkley Killer - if there is anyone else from our D could surprise this year? Thoughts?
  • Former UCLA assistant basketball coach baby sitter for Tony Parker and Jordan Adams Korey McCray has a new job. He has been hired as assistant coach for LSU (by head coach Johnny Johnson). At least regionally LSU seems to make more sense for McCray than the odd desperate hire Ben Howland made at UCLA.
  • Lastly, islandbruin has been all over the fanposts keeping close track of UCLA's track and field team. It doesn't sound like we are anywhere close to competing for title #109. Sad. Another program that should be a powerhouse continue to flail away under the incompetent leadership of Chianti Dan.

Happy Sunday everyone.