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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Alford Contract, NCAA Football '14, Congrats Jrue and Lauren!

So Steve Alford got a sweetheart deal from us, eh? Let's see how he's doing.

Because I'm tired of Alford's face on the front page.
Because I'm tired of Alford's face on the front page.
Christian Petersen

With all the "buzz" about Steve Alford's contract, it's good to see he's out there, earning that $150k/year for holding basketball camps.

In case you couldn't tell, that first line was dripping with sarcasm. Much like how our athletic department is dripping with incompetence and broken hearts and hurt feelings over people turning them down.

Plus this guy with the hair is getting a private jet. Lavin must be disappointed jets didn't show up for him during his time.

NEWSFLASH: You don't need a private jet to sign the best players in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. How about those players?

The players were a bit nervous about Alford and social media:

If he can (allegedly) cajole a campus ministry to try to force a rape victim to change her story, twitter is the least of your problems Jordan.

And don't take twitter away from the players! What will we do for material?!

NCAA Football '14 is out, if you haven't picked up your copy and downloaded your rosters, but the freshmen are excited to be in the game.

Congratulations to Jrue Holiday and Lauren Cheney:

Ah yes, another basketball player marrying a soccer player. Lauren's soccer club has already updated her jersey to say Holiday on the back.. and now there are two Lauren Holidays, as Jrue's younger sister Lauren plays basketball for UCLA.


Marques Johnson's twitter was on FIRE over the past week, as he took Dwight Howard to task for running off to Houston:

I'm convinced the In-n-Out in Westwood has the slowest drive-thru of any In-n-Out in America.

And the man doesn't gain a pound, either.

Welcome home, Darren Collison!

Best wishes to Brandon Ayandabejo and to his son Amadeus:

The rest of the tweet says "successful open heart surgery." The full breakdown of the medical issue:

He suffered from a ASD which is a small hole in his heart. He also had to have a couple veins rerouted which is normal with this congenital heart defect. The pericardium (a sack that the heart sits in) was used as organic material for his 2 patches. For the first time in his life his heart is working 100% efficiently. Titanium wires will anchor his chest plate back together making it stronger than any humans could naturally be.

He's thankful they were able to catch it at a young age and Amadeus can go on to live a normal life.

This week's Happy Birthdays: Jordan Adams.

Go Bruins.