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The Westwood Parlor Game

A little distraction in this nuclear winter of sports to bring you different flavors of nostalgia from Westwood Village.

Good times...
Good times...

I spent a weekend by UCLA. Went to all my favorite places. Some were still there. But as any Bruin knows, Westwood changes more often than Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab. That's a lot (and it makes me think of this).

So I thought we could play a little parlor game. I took some pictures of a bunch of my favorite haunts and other noteworthy places that aren't there anymore. Let's play! What were these places when you were in Westwood? I sure remember what they were during my time there. But it will be very interesting to see what nostalgia these bring back from the wide spectrum of alumni in the community.

The prize? A fabulous feeling of self gratification for anyone who can nail all of them. Though of course there is no way to check since people were there at different times.

In any case, one conclusion is that the people who run Westwood business development are a close second in Suckitude to Chianti.

Here are the pictures, enjoy and have a nice weekend!