UCLA FB Recruiting Off to a "Pretty Disappointing" Start in 2013?


So says's Brandon Huffman in a Q&A with Pacific Takes:

Which teams have been making the most buzz on the recruiting trail? Which teams have been disappointing so far?

Surprisingly, Arizona has been making a lot of buzz on the recruiting trail, not just in-state but in California too. They've done a great job in the early going of recruiting and with their new facilities opening later this month, will have another chance to wow elite prospects from the West that are making the trek to Tucson for the opening. Oregon is also getting more buzz, not just because of the sanctions not being as harsh as some speculated, but also because they're offering more players and getting a few more earlier commitments than they used to under Chip Kelly.

UCLA has been pretty disappointing in the early going, especially considering how they closed the last two years, with their best commitment flipping to Alabama just a couple of weeks after he initially verballed to the Bruins and their next best verbal openly talking about other schools. Arizona State is also off to a slow start, despite the much-needed commitment from Wilkins, and they're again struggling in-state.

I think Coach Mora and his staff also got off to a slow start last year too. Maybe we will close strong again?

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