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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Cute Dogs, LA Life, and Broken Furniture

A true hodge podge of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Stanley Chou

Winning the NCAA Championship in Baseball gets you some extra benefits if you're Cody Regis:

It's relatively quiet in the twitterverse, overall. Adam Plutko signed with the Indians:

Best of luck to you at the next level, Adam.

Welcome to Los Angeles, Alford boys:

Things people do not miss about LA: the 405.

Other things people do not miss: the DMV.

Also, general LA Advice:

Be careful if you're on a bicycle, or a scooter too.

Why you work out, admit it:

Or maybe that you might look like this:

(pick up your issue today.)


We are required to type in all caps when referring to EFM.

Big guy problems:

Yes, he got a new one. I'm frankly surprised it doesn't happen more often.

It has been a year since Nick Ekbatani's accident, and he's marking the occasion:

Other "animals" of the week:

Datone Jones: One Lucky Bruin.

Go Bruins.