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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Football Picture Day, and UCLA at the ESPYs

Come see our new uniforms for the fall and how the freshmen look in them.


It was picture day for the football team. Check out the new-ish uniforms and how everyone looks in them:

Looking good!


Season Ticket Holders, Anthony Barr is ready for you:

Staying with the football theme, Justin Moreno echoes what we all think when we mention UCLA:

Well, there are a lot of us Bruins out there, but when you say "UCLA" you get that knowing look.

Cody Regis was at the ESPY's last night to accept our Capital One award:

And Sydney Leroux was there too with other members of US Women's Soccer:

Welcome to summer at the Men's Gym/Whatever it is called now:

Summer in Los Angeles. Fun time.

Go Bruins