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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Celebrity Sightings, Kyle Anderson Q&A, & Dorm Food

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week.

Kyle Anderson answers your questions
Kyle Anderson answers your questions

One of the benefits of being on campus at UCLA during the summer is the parade of athletes that come through to train with our coaches or to play pick up basketball in Men's Gym. (IT WILL ALWAYS BE MEN'S GYM.)

I'm sure he's working extra hard to keep Tim Tebow from taking his job.

Kyle Anderson was bored the other day, and answered questions, spanning UCLA greats, his number, his game, and soccer:

Wait, Kyle, were you on this blog? Hello!

Look, we won a baseball championship!

Even if we have haters out there. Did you see UCLA baseball on ESPN?

No, we are that cool. You're not.

Welcome back to Los Angeles, Alfred Aboya:

Ok, I'd say that's a good day in the dorms:

Chris Kluwe wrote a new book, and he did a signing in Santa Monica the other day:

He is also providing lessons on how to be a manly nerd:

His wife should write a companion piece how to deal with manly nerds. Or maybe his mom should write something on how to deal with precocious children:


Should probably send that picture to all recruits.

I think we all feel that way:

Go Bruins.