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While Dan Guerrero Vacations in Italy Disturbing Sex Scandal Allegations Emerge Surrounding UCLA Athletics Department

Micheal Sondheimer, who was serving as an Associate Athletic Director for Dan Guerrero is being investigated on allegations of inappropriate contact with children via the internet.


Several news outlets are reporting that a long time UCLA Athletics Department senior official Michael Sondheimer (who was serving as an Associate AD just weeks ago) is being investigated for inappropriate online contact with minors. Sondheimer was identified during an online sting where adult investigators posed as children. No charges have been filed at this time.

The clip below is from CBS News in Los Angeles and provides some brief information about the allegations and investigation.

Sondheimer had been with U.C.L.A. for 36 years and was most recently involved with academic admissions and on-campus recruiting compliance.

Per the report, U.C.L.A. learned of the allegations on June 3rd and Sondheimer was placed on administrative leave at that time. He then voluntarily resigned last Thursday, which also happened to be the day that Athletic Director Dan Guerrero left for Italy. We were angry that Guerrero ditched the U.C.L.A. Baseball team celebration that day. It now looks like he ditched something entirely more serious.

We cannot make any conclusions until more is known and any charges filed, but the allegations alone are completely disgusting and terribly concerning. This story is just coming out, but we will follow it closely.