Baylor Bears Did What?


I don't think this silliness has been noted in our community yet so I wanted to make sure this was noted:

Baylor has decided to omit UCLA's final touchdown from the Bears' 2012 Holiday Bowl history -- at least on the hardware given to the players and coaches from the game.

According to the Baylor football Twitter account, the jewelry below appears to be the commemorative ring from Baylor's 49-26 victory over UCLA in the Holiday Bowl. As you can see, the score on the ring is 49-19. It could be a mistake, but ignoring the Bruins' final touchdown could be the Bears' way of protesting a controversial call that was ruled a score in the final seconds of play.

Uh okay.

Not sure how many of you actually watch the final minutes of that debacle. But in the last minute we scored a pathetic TD and then celebrated like as if it mattered.

So I think Baylor has right to be annoyed for what we did in that last play but at the same time this is kind of silly. Whatever.

I do hope Coach Mora and his staff take note of this - it should provide further motivation to make sure the program doesn't experience any more Baylor like meltdowns (See also games against California, Oregon State and the first Stanford game) this upcoming season.


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