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Bruin Tweets - Mbah a Moute Needs a Number, Basketball Thoughts and Taco Bell

Summer in the Westwood and the tweeting is easy. Welcome home Jordan Farmar.

Welcome home Jordan!
Welcome home Jordan!
Ronald Martinez

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is looking for a new jersey number now that he is with the Kings:

Tweet him your ideas.

Jordan Farmar has returned home to Los Angeles, and has officially popped up on Twitter. Give him a follow:

Staying on the NBA theme, this picture is just fun.

DO NOT rent from this limo company:

By the way, if you do not follow Jrue, it sounds like prizes may be coming soon to his followers:

Here's to hoping for many more years from Tony Parker:

Not healthy, but oddly delicious:


Don't you hate it when you forget to check your ninja equipment?

Short and sweet this time. Go Bruins.