Confession: I Just Don't Care About UCLA Basketball Anymore

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I have an admission:

I have zero interest in UCLA basketball at the moment.


At all.

Maybe that's a bit hyperbolic, but it's close to the literal truth.

I couldn't tell you the name of one of our assistant coaches. Really -- I'm a Bruins Nation frontpager and I don't know the names of the basketball assistant coaches. I vaguely know a couple of names of kids we are recruiting. Perkins? Zimmerman? But I don't know what position they play (Zimmerman is maybe a center?), what our chances of getting them are or anything else.

I sort of get that the main complaint is that we're recruiting too many midwest players and not focusing on the local guys, but I don't know who the midwest guys we are going after and I don't know who the local guys we are ignoring are.

I don't know what it is. It's a combination of things Guerrero. Howland. P12 Network (which I don't get). My total disinterest in Steve Alford. And that's more than disinterest, it's distaste.

My only interest is that I sort of like Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams and Powell (sort of). I'm sure I'll look at a game if it's available on Direct TV.
But truly, I'm more interested in watching the three Bruins on the Clippers than I am in watching the twelve Bruins on the UCLA team.

I don't feel some obligation to get into the team no matter what. You may think it's your duty, but I don't think it's my duty. Don't misunderstand, I'm still rooting for the team in some generic sense -- the four letters on my diploma haven't changed. If I come across a game on television, I'll watch. If I come across a story online or in the papers, I'll probably glance at it.

But, at the end of today (24 July 13), UCLA basketball is the furthest thing from my mind. At one point in my life UCLA basketball was one of the things I cared about most. I followed the program every day of the year, obsessed about every detail. Now? If we're good, great. If we're not, oh well.

And if I thought too hard about the people who killed off my interest in something that was at one time important to me, I'd get really mad.

So, I just try not to think about it.

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