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Video: UCLA Coach Mora, Xavier Su'a-Filo, and Anthony Barr at Pac-12 Media Day

UCLA stars Xavier Su'a-Filo and Anthony Barr show why UCLA football is the place to be. Barr lands another great hit when asked about his tackle of Matt Barkley.

Anthony Barr at Media Day
Anthony Barr at Media Day

Anthony Barr Lands Another Great Hit at Media Day!

Here are some of the choice quotes from today's session:

About the "risky" move of starting a redshirt QB Last year:

We're aggressive. I have tremendous confidence in our student - athletes and our coaches, and I think the nature of the competitor is "let's take risk" let's attack and go after it. That's what these guys want to be, that's what "AB" wants to do on defense and "X" wants to do on offense, so we're not going to throw caution to the wind. We hope behind every decision is logic but we want to be aggressive, in nature.

About Eddie Vanderdoes:

He has an appeal scheduled for Monday, the 29th in person and hopefully we will have more information after that, but right now it's up in the air.

Barr about the new rule changes regarding hits:

I understand the rule, but as a defensive player it's going to be difficult to fully adjust my game to all of that rule. So as I play I'm going to play within the rules that I've always played and play like I've always played, full speed and attacking. As if I get penalized because of it, then so be it, but I'm going to play the way I play football.

Dumb question of the day: Last year you did not play your alma mater University of Washington. This year, November 15 is that circled on your calendar?

Coach Jim Mora: No, August 31st is circled on my calendar.

The San Diego Union-Tribune asked Anthony Barr: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I worked a lot this past spring on affecting the passing game when I'm not rushing the passer. Dropping into man coverage I wasn't as comfortable with and I worked a lot with my position coach on getting on the right spot to read the QBs eyes and understand where they are trying to attack.

Ted Miller of ESPN:
Anthony when you see a picture or video of your hit on Matt Barkley last year what goes through your mind?

It's funny you ask. I want to know why the tackle let me go, for whatever reason, he should be standing up here talking to you guys because he was the reason why I made that play, and the play call was pretty good.

After watching all of the schools I just cannot understand why any player would even consider a school and program other than UCLA. The camaraderie, intelligence, and joy this team showed were so far beyond anyone else. Xavier and Anthony were highlights in every moment they had the podium. XSF spoke with great humility about the offensive front line, the coaching staff, Coach Alosi, and returning to play after his mission. Both he and Anthony were brilliant, shining stars and Coach Mora spoke directly, clearly, and enthusiastically about the vision for UCLA football.