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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Media Day Recap and Notes

Some additional tidbits about who will line up where on each side of the ball this fall.

Simon Goines is huge.
Simon Goines is huge.
Thearon W. Henderson

Patroclus did a great job wrapping up the Media Day extravaganza, and we're here to fill in some of the details from the interviews that happened after Mora, Barr and XSF stepped off the stage, courtesy of the UCLA Beat Writers. Thanks to Jack Wang, Ryan Kartje and Edward Lewis for all this info:

About Ellis F'ing McCarthy:

The defense is a concern this season, especially in the secondary with only one returning player. Here are some of the changes anticipated:

On to the offense:

Finally, we end with the Anthony Barr report:

We're extremely thankful that Barr decided to return.

We'll continue with our Summer Camp previews, leading up to San Bernardino in less than two weeks.