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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - News from the Basketball Recruiting Trail

Steve Alford wants you to know he's hard at work recruiting.

"I wish for one five star recruit."
"I wish for one five star recruit."
Ethan Miller

Steve Alford would like you to know he's been working hard to find game changers. Even if it's tiring.

While it is early in recruiting, let us point out a few things:

1. Russell was undervalued as a recruit except by Kerry Keating who kept him warm until a scholarship opened up. Will our new coaching staff be able to find hidden gems? By the way does anyone recruit in Palmdale, after all the recent NBA success from the Palmdale/Lancaster area?

2. Russell is a local kid, which UCLA has been in short supply of lately except for kids from Mater Dei that transferred from UNC.

3. I know, it's hard not to be grossed out. Focus. Just avoid the hair. it has magical powers on women over 50 that aren't longtime Bruins.

4. Here's to hoping his chase of Trevon Bluiett from Indiana pans out. It should right - how do you turn down the golden boy of Indiana Basketball?

5. Offered Michael Cage Jr of Mater Dei the other day from the class of 2016, yes he is the son of Michael Cage. Yes, Mater Dei. I know. Rex Pflueger of 2015 is from Mater Dei also. Maybe we'll start getting a few more local kids, like he was hired to do.

But here's a UCLA coach that doesn't seem tired of recruiting:

If you want some good UCLA basketball vibes though, try out this:

And this:

Congrats LMR. Go Bruins.