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Eddie Vanderdoes Cleared to Play in 2013!

Despite a hypocritical Brian Kelly doing his best to give Eddie V. the proverbial shaft, smarter heads have prevailed and Mr. Vanderdoes will be suiting up in the Blue and Gold at the Rose Bowl this year.


Well for once, an entity associated with NCAA athletics has acted quickly. Multiple sources have reported this evening that Eddie Vanderdoes has been ruled eligible to play football for UCLA this season.

The first report of Eddie's impending eligibility came from former BSR reporter Rick Kimbrel (shared here by Bruins#1).

Shortly after, Bruin Report Online confirmed the story:

Freshman defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes has been ruled eligible for the coming season by the NCAA, according to sources.

Bruin Sports Report also has a story confirming Eddie's 2013 eligibility.

The exact sequence of decisions and events which led to tonight's news is not yet public knowledge. Vanderdoes' final appeal to the LOI committee was heard yesterday. Considering the unexpectedly quick turnaround of this news, it is possible that Notre Dame knew that it would lose the appeal and threw in the towel to spare themselves any negative PR effect if the details of Eddie's family circumstances came out, or that the situation with his family was so drastic that the appeals committee had an easy decision to nullify his Notre Dame LOI.

For now, the exact details on the appeals process are speculative, but what isn't speculative is that Eddie is expected to be an instant impact on the the defensive side of the ball:

For UCLA, the benefits of the decision are more obvious. Vanderdoes could potentially slot in immediately as the starting left defensive end, especially if Owamagbe Odighizuwa does indeed sit out the year with a hip injury. Vanderdoes was listed at 6'4, 305 on the official roster, giving him the bulk to play any of the three positions along UCLA's defensive line.

Stay tuned for more updates and specifics as they become known.

For now, boom!

And suck on that Brian Kelly, you hypocritical douche.