LA Sports Fans Rejoice: T.J. Simers Out at the LA Times?

We are giddy about the possibility of Simers leaving the LA Times too. - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, UCLA Bruins fans may have some potential good news coming out of the Los Angeles sports media world. There is speculation from sources including LA Observed and The Big Lead (HT to Patroclus), both of whom are reporting that everyone's least favorite sportswriter satirist troll may no longer be employed by the Los Angeles Times, after a meeting with sports editor Mike James and John Cherwa. Although nothing has been confirmed, the fact that Simers has not written an article since June 13 (not that anyone has noticed or missed him), is pretty glaring considering that the rest of the sports world would have noticed an extended leave of absence from any other LA Times sportswriters such as the more affable Bill Plaschke, or the other guy, Chris Foster.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Simers, I'll provide a profile; Simers is a grumpy, washed up sportswriter hack, who was best known throughout the Southland for "stirring the pot" and alienating everyone with his nonstop whining, tirades and bickering with fans. His well-documented acts of immaturity included name calling, calling Karl Dorrell, Karl Dullard, wearing a Southern Cal hat to Mora's Count on Me charity event (I won't link because I won't link anything to any Simers articles) and attempting to troll UCLA fans by violating all rules of objectivity and publicly declaring himself a Southern Cal fan bandwagoner.

Simers also intentionally tried to get under Coach Mora's skin, as witnessed by this hack job before last season's 1st Stanford game. Good thing our head coach is much more mature than Simers, who displayed the tact and professionalism of a middle school bully. You can read other documented grievances on Bruins Nation towards Simers, here, here, here and here.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out TJ! You will not be missed.

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