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UCLA Football Pre-Camp Preview - Quarterbacks

Today we take a look at the UCLA quarterback situation

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

In our ongoing series of positional pre-camp previews, we'll shift our focus to running backs today. ICYMI, you can catch Bellerophon's preview of special teams here, gbruin's preview of the offensive line here, Patroclus's preview of the defensive backs here, IE Angel's preview of the linebackers here, bruinclassof10's preview of the wide receivers and tight ends here, AHMB's preview of the defensive line here, and his preview of the running backs here.

We are moving into the final position of our preview, the quarterbacks.

You could argue the word should be used singularly - quarterback. Brett Hundley is the uncontested starter and no. 1 quarterback on this team (and perhaps all of the Pac-12...) (along with quiet rumblings of a Heisman campaign)

Where we should be concerned is who will be the backup.

Here are the current players listed as a QB on the UCLA Roster:

  • Asiantii Woulard (Fr.)
  • Brendan Cross (Gr.) (graduate) (Son of former Bruin and 49er Randy Cross)
  • Jerry Neuheisel (R.Fr.)
  • Mike Faful (R.Fr.)
  • TJ Milweard (R.Fr.)
  • Jake Hall (R.Fr.)
Interestingly enough, Devin Fuller, who was recruited as a QB but most likely wouldn't stay in the position and played as a WR last season, is listed as a WR.

Looking at that list, the only athlete who has anything resembling live NCAA game experience is Brendan Cross, and his lifetime stats show that he has played in a total of 9 games, throwing 14 passes with an average of 1.8 yards per pass. Coming out of high school, he was rated the #35 pro-style QB and the #128 QB prospect overall. Needless to say, if Hundley goes down, which is ALWAYS a possibility with the offense we run and how often he takes off to run, we might be in big QB trouble.

Behind Cross, we have a true freshman and a ton of walk-ons. We need a QB in our upcoming classes, especially if Hundley leaves after this season.

But looking ahead to camp, I (hope) expect that Jerry Neuheisel is named the back up for sentimental reasons. In reality, I suspect Asiantii Woulard will make a strong push for the backup QB spot, but the coaches may try to keep him out of games as much as possible to preserve his redshirt and only put him in if Hundley goes down and the other backup QBs can't do anything on the field. Neuheisel and Cross will most likely be right behind (or next) to Woulard.

Fire away with your comments. Camp starts next week! Football again!