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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse: Baseball Honored, Russell Westbrook Fashion, and UCLA Basketball

A recap of UCLA related tweets over the past week, including UCLA Basketball's shoe for the upcoming season and bling for last season.

These guys were honored again.
These guys were honored again.

Guess who was honored by the State of California?

Oh. Russell.

You can't see his pants. He was wearing white capri pants.  Oh. Russell.  Don't change.

I think Bryce Alford reads this site.

Speaking of basketball, this year's shoe is not highlighter neon yellow.

Jordan Adams loves the kids and he took the time to sign for all of them:

As much as I want to tell him to eat the salad, DON'T EAT THE SALAD.

Tony, have a friend drive you to C&O Trattoria.

Basketball also received their Pac-12 rings:

Lacy Westbrook had to medically retire this summer, so he's enjoying his vacation, perhaps working on his future career in real estate.

I'm sure all of us in California and other high rent areas are cringing.

Neu still has the arm!

As does his son!

Uh, teach your children young?

No one in California won, so sadly, the Farnham family was not a winner.

Time to relax and watch cat videos.  What would you nominate as the gif as BN?

Ok, THE gif of BN is probably this:



Go Bruins.