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Day 7 AM Practice Roundup - Penalties, Brett Hundley Development and Other Notes

A recap of this morning's practice in San Bernardino.

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

As always, thanks to Edward Lewis and BSR for the video.

Coach Mora after the morning practice called today the "best practice" they've had from a physical standpoint.  Typically at this point of camp the players start to taper off or hit a lull, but it hasn't happened with this group of Bruins.  And he hopes it doesn't happen this afternoon.  The coaches will continue pushing the players to do their best.

This morning practice had a few guests with stripes - referees.  Remember how last year Mora said he didn't care about penalties? (or in that line of thought?)  Well he does care, but he views various penalties differently.  They went through over 100 snaps this morning, and there was only one technique penalty, which made Mora happy.  The young players need to work on the non-aggressive penalties, or the ones we'd call stupid, such as offsides on 3rd and 10 on the defense, false starts, and illegal substitutions (even more so if they're after a timeout...)  Mora says the first team is clean but the young players still need to figure it out.

If this seems like an about face from last year, Mora says it isn't. He evaluates each penalty differently and his emphasis is to drill the team in the areas of where they can eliminate bad penalties.  I just hope no one picks up the nickname "first and fifteen" on the offense this year.

In talking about the young players, they don't necessarily have to be better, because he recognizes that they are being asked a lot at this point of summer camp, especially those that haven't had the benefit of spring ball, like a Kylie Fitts.  Fitts had practice where he went up against large linemen, and the freshmen might not have had that luxury or playing at the faster college speed in high school.  He did say moving forward the coaching staff will be less tolerant of players not picking up the game, as they would have had a good number of practices under their belt leading up to Nevada.

Brett Hundley is developing well, and is showing more confidence and has a better feel for the offense, along with being a better decision maker.  He is learning when to throw the ball away and not take a sack.  The only area Hundley is deficient is in sliding - he still cannot figure it out.  Someone, call Coach Savage!

Specific players notes:

  • Kenny Lacy and Scott Queessenberry are playing, with Q being asked to play both Guard and Center, but Mora likes both players.  Poasi Moala should be back at practice tomorrow.
  • Fabian Moreau, in Mora's words, will be a good corner. He needs to learn to be more patient at the line and work on his footwork, but he has great ball skills and has speed.
  • When asked about the RB situation, Mora dropped Craig Lee from the list of players being considered this year.  He missed the summer and is still learning the system, and named Jordon James, Malcolm Jones, Steven Manfro, Paul Perkins and Damien Thigpen as ahead of him.
  • Speaking of Thigpen, they do not want to put a timetable on his return but he should be back sometime earlier in the season than midway through the season.  He wants Thigpen to return when he is confident that he can change direction and plant his foot without a wobble.
  • Eddie Vanderdoes should be back at practice this afternoon - he did individual workouts this morning.
  • Eric Kendricks is close and should be ready to go on Monday.
  • Brendan Cross is being moved around wherever he is needed on special teams and may be on the travel team as the emergency QB - he likes the flexibility.  No, he will not play O-Line, but thanks for asking!

    Another practice this afternoon!  Go Bruins!