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It's Thursday, Day 8 of UCLA Training Camp, and This is Your Open Thread

With only a couple more days of training camp open to the public we encourage you to get out and see the Bruins in action. Today practice begins at 10:45.

Doug Pensinger

It's Thursday and there are only 2 more days (after today) to catch the Bruins at practice this year. So I hope many of you are heading out there today to see the action. Our football team is getting some amazing recognition around the nation and Nestor posted a must see video that SI did of our rising star Brett Hundley. Watch it and share it. But be careful, it just might bring a tear of pride to your eye.

Today's practice begins at 10:45, a rare mid-day practice, and it is possible that the heat might be a larger issue than it has been (sunscreen, hat, water!). Below is a nice interview with Damien Thigpen discussing the running back crew and his rehab.

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I am so looking forward to seeing Damien back on the field!

This is the place to post your thoughts during practice and after practice. Let us know what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling out at practice or at work/home waiting for the season to begin. We would also love to see notes you took during practice when you get back to a computer, if like me, it's difficult to hit those small keys on your phone. Here is the schedule for remaining practices. All practices are free and open to the public and last about 2 hours. Parking is $5. Saturday there will be a special Meet the Bruins after practice (which begins at 10:30), where you can speak with the players and coaches and get autographs from our amazing young men. We would love it if you would share your pictures via twitter @BruinsNation. And don't forget to check all of the amazing videos and notes and comments that have been compiled at our San Bernardino Watch hub.

Ah shucks! I think I want to see that rising star video again:

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Go Bruins!