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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Drones, Dogs, and Sharks

A true mish-mash recap of the UCLA Twitterverse, dipping into the truly random mentions over the past week.

"Wonder what the blogs are writing about me today"
"Wonder what the blogs are writing about me today"

It's a drone!  Check out UCLA Football's newest toy, courtesy of a donor, all because Mora asked.

A lot of lawyers would spend hours telling you not to, Brenton.

UCLA Women's Basketball held their annual photo shoot:

Nick Ekbatani is finally healing:

It still hurts all of our Bruin hearts that he is attending Southern Cal for graduate school.

Get ready for soccer season!

Wow, smart dog.

More dog tweets:

This is great news for UCLA Gymnastics fans.  Hopefully we will see Peng Peng competing this year.

You think Kyle reads this blog too?

The mutual admiration.

I think people are a bit excited to see Russell on campus.

We couldn't squeeze in Shark Week tweets last week, but since the football players are quiet, here we go:

So, he didn't like Sharknado?

Stay out of the water!

This may hurt the eyes of a lot of Dodgers fans, but the Giants regularly hold Grateful Dead nights, and Bill Walton is there every time.

Go Bruins.