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Sports Illustrated College Football Roundtable - Rick Neuheisel as the next Lee Corso?

SI's College Writers huddled up to discuss the new Fox Sports 1, SEC Network, and TV Personalities.

Steve Dykes

We're roughly two weeks from the start of the college football season, and the college football writers for Sports Illustrated got together to discuss, to start, College GameDay and how the new Fox Sports 1 (which launches this weekend) will try to counter program and draw eyeballs away from ESPN's behemoth of a college football show.

I admit, I watch College GameDay. It's fun to see everyone excited to have GameDay there, the signs have taken on a life of their own, and WSU's alumni need to be given props for making sure their flag is there every single Saturday.

Lee Corso has been with GameDay for a number of years, and while he is entertaining, and sometimes doesn't watch what he says, he may walk away from GameDay next year.  Question number 4 posed to the four writers: Who should replace Corso?

Stewart Mandel:

Mandel: I'd make a run at Rick Neuheisel. Anyone who watched the Pac-12 Networks last year or listens to SiriusXM knows he's a natural. He knows the game, he's funny and he's not afraid to ruffle some feathers. He'd fill that role nicely without trying to groom an exact facsimile of Corso. However, it might be hard to convince him to give up the beach for 15 consecutive weeks of travel.

Ooh.  Andy Staples set out a list of requirements and came up with two names.  Here's one:

Staples: Neuheisel, who works for the Pac-12 Networks, also has the résumé (Colorado, Washington, UCLA) and a personality made for television.

I agree that Neuheisel should be considered for Lee Corso's spot.  He's great on TV, enjoys college football, has coached in a major conference, and his career winning percentage is way higher than Corso's.  While they may have to retire the donning of the mascot heads (that should be retired when Corso goes) Neuheisel should be strongly considered for the spot, if just for a little more attention paid to the fans of the Pac-12.

More so than Les Miles.

Go Bruins.