UCLA Football Preseason Podcast with ASU Devils Den

UCLA and ASU meet again, this time via podcast with ASU Devils Den - Christian Petersen

Want to hear more talk about U.C.L.A. Football?

Then check out this week's edition of the ASU Devils Den football podcast. The great folks over there were kind enough to invite Bruins Nation back for their PAC-12 previews to discuss all things U.C.L.A. football as we ramp up for the start of the 2013 college football season. We cover most of the positions on the field as well as the coaching staff and look ahead to the upcoming season for the Bruins. The discussion also ponders seeing monster ASU DT Will Sutton on offense and defense, wanders across town a bit to predict the future of Lane Kiffin at Southern Cal, and includes the traditional conclusion with our favorite beverages.

Rob and Don do an incredible job turning out a fantastic podcast every week and I was lucky enough to get to chat with them again this preseason.

You can find the ASU Devils Den website here, and you can go directly to this week's podcast here. Our U.C.L.A. chatter starts at 1:32:35, but their whole show is worth the listen each week. You can follow them on twitter at @ASUDevilsDen to keep up with the best coverage of ASU news and recruiting anywhere.

Huge thanks again to Rob for inviting us. Hopefully we'll get to do it again in November before the Bruins and Sun Devils meet at the Rose Bowl on Nov 23 in a game which could very well determine the Pac-12 south Championship.

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