UCLA Football: Video - Training Camp in San Bernardino Concludes

Brett Hundley / UCLA Football training camp at CSUSB / August 17, 2013 - Telemachus

For those Bruins in exile or otherwise unable to make the trek to beautiful San Bernardino, here is a brief video to give you a flavor of the last day of training camp at CSUSB.

I'm trying something new. (It will most likely not work on mobile/tablet devices - you'll just see empty space below.) You may have to "give permission" to run Quicktime to view the 360-degree panorama. To move around in the photo, click-and-hold inside the picture and drag in any direction. Zoom-in with the Shift key and zoom-out with the Ctrl key. Hopefully it works for most everyone.

Two weeks to go, can't wait!

Go Bruins!

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