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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - TJ Millweard Transfers, Football Back Home, Basketball Photo Shoot

Today's Twitter Roundup: Non-revenue sports starting up again, basketball enjoying their summer, and a new job for Brendan Ayandabejo.


Best of luck to TJ Millweard, who announced he will transfer:

Meanwhile, football is excited to be back home in Westwood:

And many many more tweets in this line of thinking.

The UCLA/Southern Cal battle continued over the weekend but for a good cause:

I found this funny.

Wait, they don't have Benihana in New Mexico?

You tell us: how much weight has Tony Parker lost?

Congratulations Brendan Ayandabajeo:

The hunt for #110 has begun.

I think Jordan Adams has adapted to living in Los Angeles.


Go Bruins.