Chianti Wants You to Dump DirecTV

I almost lost my lunch when I read the following tweet today from the Pac-12.

Yup, that's right. The Pac-12 had Dan Guerrero record a video urging Bruin fans to change TV providers to one that carries Pac-12 Networks. Thank goodness, they didn't post it until well after lunch was over.

Hey, Larry Scott, wasn't the point of the video to make us WANT Pac-12 Networks? This video made me want to switch to DirecTV!

On the flip side, either Chianti laid off the donuts this summer or Adidas has gotten him bigger size shirts to make him look thinner. Maybe he couldn't find a Stan's Doughnut Shop in Italy and he doesn't like Italian pastries with his Chianti?

Who knows? All I know is whenever he asks us to do something, I usually try to do the opposite. Enjoy the laugh even though it's kind of pathetic.

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