UCLA Announces the Bruin Insider Show Will Air Tuesdays on AM 570

Mora: "Dear God, I have to deal with this clown?" - Stephen Dunn

UCLA announced that, in addition to signing an renewal to keep AM 570 as the flagship station for UCLA Sports, there will also be a weekly coaches radio on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 8pm hosted by John Ramey.

The Bruin Insider Show will make its debut on Tuesday, Aug. 27. UCLA head football coach Jim Mora will be a weekly guest on the show during football season, and UCLA men's basketball head coach Steve Alford will be featured during basketball season.

First, I'm excited to hear that Coach Mora will have a weekly forum to interact with the fans. His Twitter/YouTube sessions have proven that he's willing to interact with fans and this show should continue that.

Also, it fills a void that Pac-12 Networks still seems to be missing. In CRN's last season, FSW aired the Rick Neuheisel show (and another one for Lame Kiffen). I was disappointed that P12 did not give coaches weekly shows like that. Here's hoping this fills that void.

But my favorite line from the press release comes in the next sentence.

Also featured throughout the year will be UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero and various coaches and student-athletes from UCLA's storied athletic program that has won a national-best 109 NCAA Championships.

Yes, that's right, Sports Fans! Dan Guerrero will be a featured guest on the show throughout the year. I'm willing to predict right now that Chianti's segments will not take any calls! At best, he will take calls once and just once.

Why? Because if Dan is brave enough to take calls, I'm confident that he will be sufficiently skewered by BN members. In fact, we need to be prepared to dominate the airwaves for his first appearance.

I will tell you, now, that you will need to be tell the screener that you want to ask Guerrerror some softball question and then ask the really tough questions once you get on the air.

Like, maybe, compare his "managing expectations" statement from a few years ago to what the Stanford AD said was his primary goal just a few weeks ago.

Or, why he didn't push back his latest excursion to Italy to celebrate the CWS victory.'s just too damn easy, folks. Feel free to add to this list.

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