Pac-12 Networks Off to a Solid Start Covering the Bruins in 2013

The ASU-UCLA 60 min. replay on Pac-12 Networks was fun to watch on last Sat w/o football. - Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE

So I just watched the Pac-12 Networks' preview of the football team with Mike Yam and Rick Neuheisel visiting Spaulding earlier this week. I didn't get to watch it last night when it aired for the first time. Saw the replay this AM and really enjoyed it.

The production quality was pretty cool. Yam and Neuheisel had some great interviews with Brett Hundley, Coach Jim Mora, Coach Jeff Ulbrich and Erick Kendricks, and lot of pretty cool clips from practice. I thought the one-on-one between Mora and Neuheisel was more than worth watching because it was pretty apparent how much the two coaches respect each other. Right off the bat Mora mentioned what a huge move it was on Neuheisel's part to red-shirt Hundley in his freshman year and the gratitude in Mora's expression was more than sincere.

Oh that was not all. I got to see a little bit of the Bruins' women soccer team trash Northeastern out in Westwood, and took in a 60 minute replay of the UCLA-ASU game of last year (and right now the delicious Southern Cal-Arizona replay is on as I type this blog).

Honestly with these shows I haven't had any need to waste my time watching college football preview shows on Eastern Sports Programming Network this year.

So yeah, I'd say it's more than worth it to drop Direct TV to get Pac-12 networks and Coach Mora agrees with me:

Testimonial: Jim Mora of UCLA (via Pac-12 Conference)

And speaking of which those who have AT&T here is the latest update on that front from Jon Wilner:

* Lastly, for those wondering about the state of negotiations with AT&T:

Carriage deals are never done until they are done: Dotting the "i"s can sometimes become a complicated process.

But I have no reason to believe the tentative agreement reached months ago has fallen apart.

We're 10 days from the first kickoff. That's an eternity in carriage time.

Hope it all works out because right now I am excited about getting to check out more Bruin action this Fall.


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