How a fellow Bruin saved my life!

Some of you know me personally and most don't. I go by Dallas-Bruin, I was shipped to Dallas for my job back in 2000 and still live here. My friends at the North Texas Bruins and I try to keep us active out here in the Dallas area and do occasional watching parties and do our best to promote our brand and fellow alumni out here.

I'm 42, with a beautiful (Husker) wife and a wonderful little 4 year old girl who owns my heart as well. I love what I do, working for the studios selling TV shows and digital broadcast networks. I'm incredibly fortunate for the good life that I have and the people around me!

In late February, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Large Diffused B cell lymphoma cancer. Some of you may or may not be familiar with this type of cancer, but it works fast and can take you down if you don't treat it fast enough. Needless to say, it came as a shock to everyone and really screwed us up. At that point, I was looking for the BEST oncologist I could find, money was no object since I can't take it with me if I die, and I have my best friend/spouse and little girl to live for! The issue was, the guy I wanted was totally booked and had no room to take on any more patients. His name is Dr. Haskell Kirkpatrick.

Long story short, the doctor found out I was a fellow Bruin. I had no idea, but later learned it was through an intermediary trying to get me in. Because my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma was aggressive and time is of serious essence, instead of referring me to someone else, he contacted me over the phone and literally saw me the next day.. during his lunch break! I'm not kidding, the guy had a sandwich in his hand. He had no time to set up an appointment to put me under for a bone marrow biopsy and said, we're doing this here and now. Suck it up he said, you're a Bruin. Literally, and painfully he fast tracked me through the system, forced nurses to continue my tests and had me in a booked chemo class that very night!

We both discovered that not only were we the same age but took the some of the same classes together. I promised him, that if I beat this I'm buying his ticket to the Bruin Husker game in Lincoln.

Through the process, we became friends, talked Bruin sports, argued over the basketball team, told campus stories and bonded through this experience. Sadly, he really hadn't been in contact with other Bruins other than call old buddies in LA and going to a few games a year. When the Bruins won the CWS, I had an appointment the next day. He walked into my room with a blue tie, we did the loudest 8 clap you ever heard and told me that my PET scan was clean. He took my battle with cancer personally and did everything possible during my chemo therapy to make sure I was on track. The nurses gave me special attention and Dr. K followed up with me after every session and then some (which is not common practice). My wife Diane even said, he's just looking for an excuse to talk Bruin sports! LOL

As of August 5th, I'm officially in full remission. The battle isn't over, I have technically 5 years until I'm cancer free. However, I couldn't ask for a better outcome.

As some of you know, getting tickets to Lincoln Memorial is a serious pain, especially; since they hold the record for most sold out games in a row. A fellow North Dallas alumni and friend, Jeff Hirsch, played baseball for the Bruins, had a minor league career and still gets his alumni allotment for tickets to games. Jeff gave me two of his allotment of 4 tickets so Dr. K and his wife can join us for the game!

I normally don't post, like to post and probably never post again. But this is a moment I want all of you to know how honored and proud I am to be a part of such a special family of Bruins. I pray none of you ever have to go through this, especially at a young age when raising a family. However, if any of you ever hit rock bottom, know that there are fellow Bruins out there who'll pick you up!

God Bless all of you and GO BRUINS!

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