Special College Football Kickoff Open Thread and UCLA-Nevada Watch Parties

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We will continue our Friday Football Open Thread here.

College football is finally back! We have survived a season of Administrative Failures and Embarrassments and now we finally get to get out our pom poms and vuvuzelas, our favorite refreshments, our grills, and yell, scream, and do an 8 clap for our Mighty Bruins. We have covered pre-season camp and practices here and have previewed this week's game here. But now it is time for the speculation to end and to let the games begin.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Saturday night to watch our Bruins play. But while we wait there are other games we think people might be interested in. In this weekly thread we will invite you to share with others as you watch the night's football offerings. We also will use this thread to help you find and organize places to meet up with other Bruins to watch our team if you can not get to the game.

Let's start with Thursday night's games that we think you might enjoy watching:

  • u$c at Hawaii: Of course the game most of us will be interested in features the team with the greatest coach in college football who has skillfully steered his team through very rough waters. Southern Cal is headed to Hawaii to take on former UCLA OC Norm Chow's Warriors. And oh yes, Chow was the OC under Cheaty Petey as well. The game starts at 8 pm (all times will be P.S.T.) and will be shown on the CBS Sports Network.
  • San Francisco 49ers at San Diego: Those of you in the bay area (or in San Diego) might be watching the 49ers take on the Chargers in a pre-season intra-state matchup. I know the 49er fans here are very visible, but I am betting there are some Charger fans here as well. I know the game doesn't count but just in case you are interested the game begins at 7 p.m. and you can find viewing information here. Go Niners! (Sorry Charger fans.)

Other Thursday night college games that might be fun:

  • UNC at USC. At 3pm the real and 6th ranked USC will take on UNC. I am really looking forward to seeing Jadeveon Clowney who's famous hit would almost certainly get him kicked out of the game this year. You can see reaction to the hit here. The hype machine at tWWL has gone crazy making a video called "The Freak" (intentionally not linked). I for one will watch some of this game and Clowney (despite my temptation to boycott all that tWWL promotes) as USC goes against UNC (in UNC's second year under Coach Fedora). ESPN.
  • Utah vs. Utah State: 5pm on Fox Sports1. Here we get to see another Pac-12 Southern Division competitor. Most predictions have the Utes ending up 4th or 5th in the division, but last year we beat them by only one TD. Utah State has lost its head coach to Wisconsin but has a solid team and will be playing Southern Cal later this season (September 21st). We can get a preview of what the trogans will be up against (just in case you give a rat's a$$ about u$c).
  • Old Miss vs. Vandy: 6:15, ESPN. This game should be interesting because of Vandy 2nd year HC, James Franklin. Franklin is being viewed as a fairly young, up and coming coach to keep an eye on who accomplished a great deal (including upgrading facilities) in his first year at Vanderbilt.

Friday Update:

Last night this thread was back in full form with some of our favorite gifs and memes and some not so classy new ones! Unfortunately, I missed it all, so thank you for all your commentary . I love reading these threads, especially when the trogans are playing. Well, they pulled it off last night beating Norm Chow’s Warriors 30-13. The Warrior’s QB threw 4 interceptions leading to 20 trogan points. I gather from the thread that the $c offense has a ways to go and, if not for the troubles of the Warrior QB, $c might have had a rough night of it. In other action, 6th ranked USC dominated UNC 27-10 and Ole Miss rallied to beat Vandy 39-32 with 1:07 to go on a 75 yard touchdown run by Jeff Scott.

In NFL action, the Niners destroyed the Chargers (41-6), MJD was on the field and had more carries this week (7 for 28 yds), and Jetski got the most carries for the Packers with 8 carries for 23 yds. I am really pulling for MJD to come back in full form and for Jonathan to find success in Green Bay. Go Bruins!

Friday night's action will have one Pac-12 game (on the Pac-12 network) as Arizona will host Northern Arizona in it's season opener (kickoff at 7 pm PST). Rich Rod got the offense going last year and made it to a bowl game, but will be without last year's QB Tyler Scott. So it will be interesting to see how Rodriguez rotates his QBs. At the time of writing this post, Rodriguez had yet to pick a QB: "We could play two, three, four," he said Monday about the QB race, adding a sly smile. "Four is probably the most." I am so happy we are not still wading in the murky waters of QB indecision.

Other notable games for Friday night include Michigan State opening it's season at home against Western Michigan and Miami taking on Florida Atlantic (as the Hurricanes for the NCAA's decision on it's investigations into latest Hurricane scandal). Full schedule here.

Go here or a complete listing and times of Thursday and Friday night games.

UCLA vs. Nevada Watch Parties: (Saturday, 7pm on the Pac-12 network):

Each week before our game we will use this thread to provide information about Bruin watch parties. This is also a place for you to let others know about watch parties and/or to organize one with others. Organizing a watch party is a great way to meet up with other Bruins in your area.

If you do know of a watch party in your area or want to organize one, let folks know in the comment section. Please include the place, the time, if one needs to RSVP, and if there is any contact information or a link to a website that would help people connect. Also, let us know if this is an ongoing watch party so that we can add it to our regular watch party list.

You will want to make sure that the place you plan to go to has our game. Many establishments do not carry the Pac-12 network, so be sure that the appropriate channel is available.

To get us started, here are some viewing parties being organized by local UCLA Alumni networks with links for more details.

There are many local alumni networks here. You might want to get in touch with a group and help organize a watch party with them in your area. If you do, let us know in this thread.

Okay. Here we go! This is your Thursday and Friday Night Football open thread.


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