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Spaulding Roundup - Tackling the Tampa 2, Randall Goforth at Safety, and Brett Hundley Picks the Game Balls

It's the final practice before Nevada.

Brett Hundley picked that ball too.
Brett Hundley picked that ball too.
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

It has been four weeks of practices, and finally, we get to the last one before the team heads out to Pasadena.  Amazingly, there are still questions to ask.

As always, thanks to Edward Lewis of the BruinSportsReport.

Nothing new or earth shattering came out of today's post practice chat.  We learned:

  • Jim Mora doesn't look at betting lines, and is not aware that UCLA is a prohibitive favorite against Nevada on Saturday.
  • He is very familiar with the Tampa 2 defense that Nevada runs, in that he knows the architects of the defense, Tony Dungy and Daddy Kiffykins.  Also, USC ran a Tampa 2 last year, and we know how that game turned out, so UCLA knows how to play against a Tampa 2.  Secondly, no they are not using the Southern Cal game tape for reference on the Tampa 2 - the focus is on what Nevada is doing, and not reliving in the glory of beating up on some Trojans.  (although that is fun.)
  • Randall Goforth, in Mora's mind, is the most experienced DB UCLA has right now, and can play corner, safety and nickel, but he will play safety on Saturday.  He is looking forward to seeing how Goforth will tackle, as that is an area of improvement for him, and he cannot tackle with 100% effort during UCLA practice.
  • Mora was asked why you see so much variation in offensive schemes in college, and he said that it's due to the limited hours you get per week with your players, plus they are kids - they're dealing with school, dealing with growing up, and you have to keep things simple.  When you look at it, the offenses are very simple run and pass schemes, but with a wide variations of formations and motions to confuse teams.  Once the ball is snapped there are fewer concepts than you would see in the NFL.
  • In regards to Nevada and their back 7, Mora would not single out players, but that UCLA prepares for their schemes, especially on offense.  They may have a player that we will want to pay attention to, but the defense (or offense) will not be geared around that one player.  You recognize the player has special attributes.

Mora also mentioned that he is "edgy" the first game of the season, but he's not thinking of it as different compared to last year.

Brett Hundley is ready though - he ended practice by picking the game balls.

Let's Go.