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The Bruin Community is Turning Out to Help Los Angeles Area Youth: Can We Count on You?

Update: Congratulations and thank you for helping to raise over $50,000 to help Los Angeles area kids. (Yesterday was Shannon Mora’s 50th Birthday, and today we join with BRO in trying to raise $50,000 for kids in need and at risk in the Los Angeles area.)

UPDATE: The 50Kfor50yr campaign surpassed its goal by raising over $50,000 before the end of Saturday's game.  So Congratulations to the Mora Count on Me Foundation and to all Bruin fans and others that made this happen.

Thank you again!

Here's to turning 50!
Nothing's better than the smile of a newly empowered child!!
And now Count On Me can reach and positively touch even more children in need!




A message from Shannon Mora:

We’re so honored and thrilled that so far $34,000 in 3 days has been raised due to many generous hearts.

The $50Kfor50YR campaign is continuing in honor of children in need & my 50th birthday thru the end of the Bruin/Nevada game this Saturday!!

We only need $16, 000 more!! NO donation is too small or too large! Together we can make a difference!!


We have highlighted The Jim Mora Count On Me Foundation before. It brings people together to help kids in need and at risk. The Mora's started the foundation in 2005 in Atlanta to help youth there, then continued the effort in Seattle, and now are helping organizations dedicated to helping youth in Los Angeles.

Some of the groups they fund are the Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Clubs, and programs for Children in Hospitals like Count on Me Holiday Shops for children in hospitals so that they can give gifts to their parents and loved ones. This year, the Mora's launched their program in Los Angeles and I was fortunate to be at the practice where kids from Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Young Warriors (a group to help boys without fathers) were in attendance and got to work out with our players. You can see some clips from that launch here and here.


via (Photo courtesy Jim Mora Count on Me Foundation)

This May, many great Bruins and others turned out to support the Foundation at the Mora Celebrity Golf Classic. If you've missed seeing McNown to Farmer take a look at this wonderful video from Ralph Irvin

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Yesterday, I received a special request from Shannon. She appreciates the help many people here have already given, volunteering at the Golf Classic and contributing time and money to the foundation. She wanted to reach out to us to help bring up this special week's fundraising total to $50,000.

From Gretchen, Executive Assistant of the Foundation:

Shannon asked me to reach out to you today. The Foundation is currently running a fundraiser that lasts through Saturday. It started via the BRO community, but has spiraled into something bigger! It started as a 2-day fundraiser with a goal of $20K. But, since *today* is Shannon's 50th Birthday, she wanted to GO FOR IT and try for $50K in honor of her turning 50! Would you be willing to put something out there for the Bruin Nation to see, letting them know we are trying to raise $50K by Saturday?!

And then from Shannon:

THANK U soooooo much!!!

Please let me know if u need any further intel!


All for the Kiddos!


I am so deeply grateful that the Mora's are doing the kind of work I believe our University should be standing behind. They exemplify the true spirit of UCLA and I will be donating to help them help our kids. I hope many of you will join with me.

To donate go to The Mora Count on Me Foundation and click on the donate link in the upper right hand corner. You can see some beautiful pictures and read more about the foundation at their site. You might also want to go to the foundation’s facebook page, view some great photos, and wish Shannon a Happy Birthday!

From all of us at Bruins Nation: Thank you Shannon and Jim for all of your great work and Happy Birthday Shannon!

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