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BN Gameday Open Thread: Nevada Wolfpack at UCLA Bruins

We've read the previews. We've seen the billboards. We've followed the team since San Bernardino. Will the #BruinRevolution live up to potential? It's time to find out!

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Game one of the 2013 U.C.L.A. Football Season. Kickoff in Pasadena is at 7:00 PT.

Are you ready? Hands up, Bruins!! And....One! Two! Three! Four!....

They say hope springs eternal, and that's certainly true for our Bruins every season. But it's been a long time since a U.C.L.A. Football team has started a season with this much hope AND this much reason to base that hope on. The football program is touting a #BruinRevolution and the pieces are really there. This is our best roster and coaching staff in a long time. Last season showed a lot of promise, but Coach Mora and his team, as well as the fans, are looking for Bruin Football to take that next step. The team is a year older and a year stronger and a year hungrier. Let's see if all the great things we saw last season can continue, and if the pitfalls we saw last season can get cleaned up. Nevada will be a dynamic and well coached team and will be a good opening test to see if our team is ready to take that step.

And speaking of hope, here's one more shout out for the Jim Mora Count On Me Foundation and their $50K for 50 years Fundraiser. They want to raise $50K for programs for Los Angeles Area youth by the end of the game tonight and they are closing in on their goal. BRO got it started and we want to keep it going. BN got an email from Shannon Mora herself, thanking everyone for their generousity so far, and with a suggestion to merge the game and the fundraiser tonight:

HEY- Maybe we could even promote pledges during the game????
Do you think someone would be up for & willing to donate $25 or $50 or $100 per TD?? Per SACK? Per FG?
HOW FUN!!! An ON-FIELD PELDGE during the victorious Bruin / Nevada matchup!!

Anyone want to make a pledge? I've donated once already, but will add $5 for every true freshman who gets in the game tonight, so help me keep track. Let's help Shannon celebrate her 50th by reaching their goal.

A reminder about our game threads: we do not tolerate any personal attacks on our players. Please comment on the quality of a play or player, but keep it objective. Don't make it personal.

The game is televised on the Pac-12 Network. It is also on radio at 570AM in Los Angeles (but not streamed online). An online audio stream can be heard at You can follow Live Audio and Live Stats on the UCLA Official Site.

This is our first half open thread. Share your thoughts and passion here. You can also follow and share your tweets at @BruinNation.

U! - C! - L! - A! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!!!