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2013 UCLA Football Fall Practice: San Bernardino Day 2 Open Thread

It's hot in San Bernardino so the big question is: How hot are the Bruins?

Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

By many accounts, the Bruins started off fall camp far ahead of where they were last year. I am sure much of this has to do with not having to break in new routines, coaches, and mentalities. This year, not only do the coaches know what they are doing but so do the experienced players who are helping run the show:

"One thing we worked on was having players take care of things so coaches didn't have to," Hundley said. "The guys who were here last year know how things are supposed to work. We jump on the young guys when they aren't doing what they need to do."

Not only is the experience impressing but so are the freshmen. I love the increased expectations the players are entering camp with this year and that they know they need to do better to meet those expectations:

"Some may say we had a good season, but that wasn't the way we wanted to finish," quarterback Brett Hundley said. "We did a couple things, but not everything. We have to have higher expectations for ourselves. No one is going to think of us as national champion contenders, so we have to think of ourselves that way."

Here's your thread for sharing what you are seeing, hearing, and thinking at Thursday's practice. It is day two in San Bernardino, but as we now know, the mighty Bruins started their fall training in San Diego with the Navy Seals on Sunday. San Bernardino should be a breeze after that (and I'm sure they are hoping there is one).

You can read about yesterday's practice here. If you are at camp today, please fill us in as you watch or when you get home. For others, you may use this thread to share your thoughts on the upcoming season. What players do you think are going to have break-out years? Where do you think we will be stronger? Weaker? What are you looking forward to? Also, be sure to check out the pre-camp position previews if you haven't already and here are some roster notes from Nestor. Also, you can catch all of our practice notes, videos, and news at our San Bernardino Watch hub. Practice today begins at 4pm and here is the schedule for the rest of camp. If your going to camp, be sure to take your sunscreen, a hat, a chair, and lots of water (advice from my mom)! And keep your eyes out for this: