UPDATED: Johnathan Franklin’s "Mental" Edge: Interesting Comments from Aaron Rodgers

Mike McGinnis

Jet Ski is locked in a heated battle for Green Bay's starting TB spot with fellow rookie Eddie Lacy, who the Packers selected in the 4th round. Aaron Rodgers is excited about both of his rookie team-mates but his comments on Jet Ski are interesting. From's Don Banks (emphasis added):

Franklin, at 5-foot-10, 205 pounds, runs with speed, acceleration and shiftiness, while the 5-11, 230-pound Lacy is a downhill-style inside runner who wastes few steps and doles out as much punishment as he receives. He can gain those all-important yards after contact, while Franklin supplies the "wow'' factor and open-field wiggle the Packers have lacked in recent seasons. Green Bay's longest run from scrimmage was just 41 yards in 2012.

"It's exciting to see both of those guys doing what they were brought in to do,'' Rodgers said. "I think Jonathan from the mental side has a slight edge right now, just because he understands [passing game] progressions well and he's done a little bit more of that at UCLA. But Eddie obviously has the physical stature and downhill running style that [head coach] Mike [McCarthy] has always appreciated in this running game.

Well those comments are certainly worth noting. Aren't they?

I wonder if Rodgers was referring to the system Jet Ski played in his last year at UCLA? One can infer that Rodgers suggesting that the tailback out of UCLA was better prepared mentally for one of the best offenses in the NFL than his counterpart from Alabama. Those are the kind of comments that are worth clipping and sharing with prospective offensive backfield recruits across the country who are considering UCLA.


UPDATE (N): To his credit Coach Mora flagged this comment from Rodgers via Twitter yesterday. Good on him. GO BRUINS;

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