It Would Appear that Alford is Expecting Big Things from Bryce

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Bumped. Steve Alford -- who so far has done nothing of substance on the recruiting trail as he hasn't been able to secure a single commitment to date from an elite recruit is openly suggesting that his son (who didn't have any offer from any D-1 program besides New Mexico) is good enough to be starting PG at UCLA. Just another tonedeaf comment from the highest paid coach in the Pac-12 who has been noting but a disaster as a "coach" in elite D-1 conference. - BN Eds.

From a new Seth Davis article.

The freshman class includes a few holdovers whom Howland recruited, most notably 6-3 freshman Zach LaVine from Bothwell, Wash. Alford described LaVine as "an extremely athletic scoring guard" who should find his way into the rotation. But the most critical -- and intriguing -- addition to the program is Bryce Alford, the coach's son, who during his senior season at La Cueva High in Albuquerque broke New Mexico's single season scoring record and was named the state's Gatorade Player of the Year. Running a team is a difficult chore for any freshman, much less one at UCLA, and much, much less the son of the newly hired head coach.

Alford did not try to downplay his son's chances of winning the starting point guard spot. Nor did he sound concerned whether Bryce was ready for that awesome responsibility. "I think he is. He had one of the best seasons in the country last year," he said. "He has great vision. He can really pass the ball, but he can shoot it, so you have to guard him." When I asked Alford the inevitable question of how Bryce compares to where his dad was at the same stage, he smiled. "Well, for starters he's much more athletic. I'm sure you'll find that hard to believe," he said. "He has great feet. He's bouncier than I was. He's also bigger. I came out of high school weighing about a buck-fifty. Bryce is 180, plus he's 6-3 so he's taller than I am."

LaVine "should find his way into the rotation" and Bryce being talked about as the starter. Hm. This Coach/Son deal is rarely a good idea. Especially when the kid isn't a bonafide superstar.

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