Stanford AD: "Primary goal [is] to get the word out"

Yahoo has an interesting article from the Associated Press on Stanford AD Bernard Muir.

It talks about what Muir has accomplished in his first year as AD at Stanford. While it doesn't mention any other school's AD, it doesn't take much to do your own compare and contrast to Chianti Dan and I'm sure most folks here will do just that. For those that don't want to, I'll do it for you here.

He met constantly with coaches, student-athletes, faculty and donors to elicit feedback about what the department was doing well and what it could do better.

He also had to gain a better understanding about sports such as water polo and gymnastics that he didn't oversee in previous stops as athletic director at Delaware and Georgetown. With 36 sports and some 850 student-athletes in his care, the sheer size of Stanford meant opening more lines of communication and learning when - and to whom - to delegate responsibility.

By comparison, think about how Chianti has gone about his job. Instead of gaining an understanding of sports he didn't oversee at his previous spots, he has shown that he still has little understanding of how to run a football program. "What's wrong with Spaulding?" he asks.

It's taken ten years and quite a bit of luck to seemingly get our football program on track.

Can you imagine if we had an AD who sought to open lines of communication?

More than anything, Muir wants Stanford to capitalize on its success - especially the exposure that comes with football, which the university was mostly unprepared for in past years. While fundraising is at the core of his job, Muir is most passionate about promoting the program.

''I think the story of 36 varsity programs competing at the highest level and kids competing in the classroom at the highest level and making the most of their experience is really one that we want to tell in numerous ways and fashions,'' Muir said. ''And that's what we're going to be working toward in the near future. That's our primary goal: to get the word out.''

Is Muir crazy? He's most passionate about promoting the program? Doesn't he know that you can get the word out with a sandwich board on Bruin Walk (or whatever Stanford's equivalent may be)?

Every day still brings the same task: keeping Stanford at the top of college athletics.

Doesn't he know that the thing that should be keeping him up at night is managing expectations? Clearly, Muir has no idea what he's doing. Or, maybe, just maybe Chianti Dan is that one without a clue.

Fire Dan Guerrero. NOW.

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