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Steve Alford Completely Whiffs on the 2014 PG Class

Steeeeeeeeeeeerike three!

Victor Decolongon

If you were watching the stream, you saw Quentin Snider pick Illinois.  Here's the tweet for you:

Welcome to irrelevancy.  Best of luck to Quentin Snider at Illinois though, he knew not to come near the Hoosier Loser's program with a 10 foot pole or his nice all-around game.

Snider mentioned after his visit that he wanted to commit to UCLA, but then Illinois was "perfect" for him.

In the point guard class of 2014, we lost out on Josh Perkins, Jordan McLaughlin, and Quentin Snider.  The lack of leadership in our basketball program is appalling.

We'll have more as the night goes on.  Post your disgust here.