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Bruins Win One for Nick: UCLA 41 Nebraska 21

In an emotionally fueled game, the Bruins capitalized on 2nd half opportunities to put the game and win one for Nick, in a challenging road environment.

Shaq Attack
Shaq Attack
Eric Francis

In a tale of two halves, UCLA looked like it sleepwalked through the 1st half but made spectacular 2nd-half adjustments to score 28 unanswered points to put the game away. The Bruins pulled out an emotional 41-21 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

UCLA Defense - made necessary 2nd half adjustments to shut down Taylor Martinez's running ability and Kenny Bell's big-play pass catching.

Offensive MVP: Brett Hundley - 16/24 294 yards, 3 TD's 1 INT

Defensive MVP: The defense stood out as a unit, with Anthony Barr, Eric KendricksJordan ZumwaltKeenan Graham,Eddie Vanderdoes and Myles Jack providing highlight worthy tackles. After whiffing on assignments and tackles in the 1st half, the defense rebounded in a huge way.

The defense stood out as a unit in the 2nd half, limiting big plays and shutting down big play receiver Kenny Bell. The secondary in particular, recovered from a shaky 1st half in a big way, as Anthony Jefferson and Fabian Moreau stood out.

In a very emotional game, the Bruins were playing for Nick Pasquale while Nebraska was playing with last year's loss in mind. In the 2nd half, the Bruins came in firing, as the offense hit its stride while the D shut down the offense by limiting Taylor Martinez's running lanes.

True freshman Myles Jack made his presence know in another game, as he is showing that no stage is big enough for him. Jack came up with a few huge tackles for loss. Shaq Evans and Jordon James also had solid games.

In summary, with both teams playing with emotions running high, the Bruins overcame a pensive 1st-half to come back in a huge way during the 2nd-half, pulling out the 41-21 victory in Lincoln.
There is going to be so much more on this we are going to be blogging about in coming days. In the meantime -- we still have a whole day of CFB action to go through. If you are watching other games, you can comment on those here.
Meanwhile please feel free to share your thoughts on this huge victory and remember Nick Pasquale's memory right here.