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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Bruins in Nebraska, Wisconsin was SPTRed, and Whole Foods Honors baseball

Pac-12 refs doing what Pac-12 refs do: make terrible calls on national TV. Also Jordan Adams has thoughts on those who turn down UCLA.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin was royally screwed on Saturday, and EVERYONE who saw the game knew it.

Well except GlassesRef...

Remember Black Sunday? It's gone. It has been replaced by Bruin Bash, and this year's performer is:

Along with E40.

We wanted to push this on Thursdays twitter post, but the team flew out on Friday, but better late than never:

When the Bruins arrived in Nebraska, all they saw:

Thank you Embassy Suites for the keys!

There was a Cabelas next to the hotel. Carl Hulick was in heaven, and took a few teammates with him:

Here are some final Nebraska tweets:

This is cool - try to find it at your local Whole Foods!

Always take advantage of what UCLA has to offer.

Because Jordan Adams couldn't understand why anyone would turn us down (and definitely in relation to our subpar basketball recruiting)

Well, we can.

Sorry to end on such a downer. Go Bruins.