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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Honoring Pasquale at the Rose Bowl, UCLA in GTA V, Earl Watson Gets a School

And other random news and notes from the Twittersphere

Harry How

If you are heading out to the Rose Bowl this weekend, you will have the opportunity to purchase this shirt:

Someone better tell Adidas or the UCLAstore to put them online.

They are also handing out rally towels:

Finally, they're getting the hint across in the res halls:

But this needs to be in EVERY res hall.  Not just Rieber.

If you're up, catch Nick's story on College GameDay this week, live from North Dakota:

Two major things happened this week:  First iOS7 came out, seizing everyone's productivity yesterday:

Grand Theft Auto V also came out this week, and apparently UCLA makes a cameo:

They thought of every last detail:

But the game is pretty good:

Congratulations to Earl Watson:

UCLA Athletics - finally reaching out to football alums and asking them to represent while in the NFL?

It's a very slow start.

Happy birthday Tony Parker!

Oh please do this Ellen Show!

Final thoughts: The UCLA Coaching staff is doing something right with football:

Too bad we can't say the same about basketball right now.